Romanian Countryside: Beauty All Around….

This week was transfer week!

As referred to in the previous entry, this week was apple pie week, and it was really, really tasty.  Next up: strawberry cream pie.  And perhaps sour cream peach after that.

Today I had a lot of errands to take care of, including a run to the neighboring town of Codlea via maxi-taxi to pick up some hand-made clay nativities (ordered by other Elders in the mission) from the clay maker’s workshop.  They’re really cool.  The clay maker even mentioned the Romanianess of the style in which he made them (the clothing of the figures, and the fact that Mary is sitting with Jesus on a pillow on her legs).  But I’m not sure I want to pay the price to get my own, and I certainly am not aiming to pick up something so fragile so early in my mission.  Anyway, driving to that town meant that I again got to see a little bit more of the Romanian countryside, which never gets old (and I get to go to Sibiu tomorrow); IT’S JUST SO PRETTY!

Transfer story: I united with my new companion pretty quickly after arriving in Bucuresti.  We ended up going with a group of missionaries to a famous restaurant called “Caru’ cu Bere”, which, while not being as well-priced as I thought it would be, did have cool atmosphere.  The problem was that we got separated from the group as we had to buy Bucuresti metro tickets, and ended up having to navigate to the restaurant by asking local Romanians for directions.  It took a little while, but we made it to the restaurant (located in Old Bucuresti), and now we’re certified “people-who-can-get-around-Bucuresti” (at least in my opinion).

Also, later, in Brasov, we ran into a guy who believes he’s a prophet.  That was interesting.  He had some interesting views about some stuff out of the book of Revelation.  He was pretty young, and doesn’t believe in organized religion (though he researches them on his own).  Anyway, he was a pretty nice guy, and I liked how he didn’t try to speak bad English to us after he found out we knew Romanian (he occasionally tried to clarify his points by saying a word or so in English, but he often ended up getting a lot of help from my companion when he tried).  Anyhow, he expressed interest in learning English at some point in our discussion, which blended beautifully into an invitation to our free English courses, so that was cool.  I’m not buying that he has the gift of prophecy, but it was refreshing to get a good long burst of Romanian (and it didn’t seem he was trying to baby-talk us much either).

I feel I’ve gotten a sudden burst of confidence, even a bit of practical competence, with this new transfer.  It’s probably just a natural result of getting gradually younger companions.  You have to be able to get things done yourself when you don’t have someone who’s a lot older than you in the mission.  Basically, I’m running out of excuses to make my companion do the hard stuff, especially as I’ve been in Brasov so long…

‘Til next time,

Varstincul Brown



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