Childhood Lesson Reemphasized: Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street!

Hi everybody!

Tuesday was my fourth Zone Training in the city of Sibiu.  The Zone Leaders made parts of it really creative, so that was good.  Also, it was really weird to see my recent companion as my new Zone Leader, but I guess aging in the mission will do that to you.  He fits the role of Zone Leader very well.  Two of the Cluj Elders (in charge of checking branch computers) came back with us from Sibiu.  Since one of them had served in Brasov a long time ago, we found out about a placinta (literally pie, but in this case – filling wrapped in a crepe) place and a really cheap, yet good, print shop.

Also, I had a bit of an encounter with a certain two-wheeled foe this week.  We were at a crosswalk walking home with the Cluj Elders.  The other Brasov Elders were on the other side of the crosswalk, but they somehow didn’t notice us.  Behind us was the city’s only bike path, extending to our left and right.  We were on the strip of asphalt between the bike path and the street.  I believe both of the biker-stoplights showed a red bicycle.  The green man appeared on our crosswalk’s light.  I stepped forward, a bit further than the rest did.

Meanwhile, from the other side of the crosswalk, the other Elders watched as a biker rode down the street, not really paying attention (and not using the bike path).  Their eyes followed him as he passed by the crosswalk and suddenly decked some poor sap who had walked out onto the crosswalk.  They then saw the other Elders, standing on the other side of the crosswalk, and, wait, that guy is Brown!

Well, at least I didn’t go down without a fight.  My attacker went down as well.  He felt so bad, poor guy.  Neither of us suffered too much damage, luckily.  His tail-light had to be popped back in, and while it took a day or two for my lower right side to feel good again, all I really got was a torn shirt and some tread marks on one of my pant legs, plus matching wounds (i.e. I got to wear a cool elbow bandage-pad and currently have a really cool red tread-mark battle scar beneath one of my socks).  Not sure whether I want to keep the torn-elbow shirt as a memento (“See kids, this is the kind of persecution missionaries got back in my day”), or just turn it into a short-sleeve shirt.

Anyway, as soon as I got myself off of the asphalt, the biker came over concerned, and this random lady walked up and started asking me questions such as “Esti lovit?” (Are you hit?).  Um, yeah, I was hit, hence why I was lying prostrate on the street two seconds ago.  Anyway, I got them to realize that I was fine, and my companion and I took a bus the rest of the way home.

I made a strawberry cream pie this week for District meeting.  No baking involved, but a lot of prep needed, and I’m not yet quite sure proper way to remove a graham-cracker-crusted cream pie from its tin, but it was really good.  Next up: sour cream peach pie.

We had a lesson this week with a potential investigator, and visited a less active member.  Both the potential investigator, and the dad of the less active family (the kids are active actually), work construction, which apparently is not a good job to have in Romania.  It evidently doesn’t give you any control over your schedule.  So that’s a bit of an impediment to coming to church.  Still, the dad is dedicated to teaching the gospel in his home, which is really impressive.

We are planning to focus on working with less active members this transfer, which is vital and I’m sure will be very rewarding.  Something that is really cool about reactivation is that it’s something every member of the Church can do (and it’s easier than going out proselyting).  We need to invite those to come back and renew their determination to live true to their already-make commitments.

Here’s a quote I like that I’ve heard lately:

“Missionary work is but home teaching to those who are not now members of the Church, and home teaching is nothing more or less than missionary work to Church members.” – Harold B. Lee

I hope that I’ll be able to develop a skill of working with less active members while serving my mission, I’m sure that it’ll be really important later.

All the best in this upcoming week!

Varstnicul Brown


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