“For It Is by Faith That Miracles Are Wrought”


This week was great.  One of our investigators came to family home evening and it was totally a miracle.  She wasn’t going to be able to make it, but then her other plans just fell through.  It was really a great experience for her and she is meeting with us again today.  It was funny; once we arrived, we realized that our teacher from the MTC was there!  It was kind of a crazy experience that he is here in Slovenia, just because America seems like a whole different life for me sometimes.  But he was really helpful and made our investigator feel comfortable and changed the atmosphere of the night.  So that was cool…plus I can understand what he is saying now!  So that made me have faith that somehow my Slovenian skills must have progressed from when I was in the MTC.

This week we also had a great experience when we taught a less active member we have been working with.  We were able to reunite her with the member who introduced her to the gospel after 20 years of not seeing each other.  We asked her to come back to church and she said, “Not yet”, but we joked that we would come over on Sunday anyway.  She thought we were joking, but on Sunday morning there we were!  She still wasn’t able to come, but both my companion and I felt really good that we had showed her how much we cared about her!  We learned this week that in order to really get miracles you need to be willing to show your faith.  By speaking in the language of faith this week, we have seen the attitudes of those we are teaching and interact with really change.  It has been great.

This Sunday I had a really great spiritual experience during church.  I felt the Spirit distinctly, and then followed the prompting by mentioning how I felt that this was an opportunity for us to make a difference, if we were consistent.  I could feel that what I was saying was with the Spirit.  After I spoke, the people I was talking with were really affected.  It was wonderful.  I can feel myself becoming more than I ever was before, more bold, more strong, and more faithful.  I know this is because I am working with the Spirit, and so I am getting confidence from the Lord.

If you are really searching for the Spirit, you will find it, and when you follow it, you will become greater than you could ever be without it.  I hope this week we all do a little more to find and follow the Spirit so that we can reach our full potential.

Sestra Brown


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