“Treasure Up in Your Minds Continually the Words of Life”

We had our first English class of the transfer on Tuesday.  As a “get to know you” activity, we wrote questions on the board (our room has a white board now!!), each corresponding to a specific color word.  We then passed around a bag of Skittles, each student taking one from the bag.  The student was then to introduce themselves by saying their name, where they were from, and the answer to whichever colored question corresponded to their Skittle.  I may have bought way too many Skittles.  We still had a lot after the first round, so we did it a second time.  We still had a good amount in the first bag, and possibly an entire unopened bag in a sack sitting in our room.  Don’t worry, I can guarantee you that the remainder of the Skittles aren’t still around.

We also had an exchange with the Zone Leaders on Thursday, both of us exchanging with our old companions.  My old companion and I got to feel like it was those good old times again.  It was actually really weird; he said that he felt as if he had just gone on an extended exchange in Sibiu.  We also got to eat at an underground bakery (in a tunnel used to cross one of the city’s streets) that we had never eaten at when we were serving together.  The melci (“snails”) cu nuca (“with nuts”) were good (I recently found out that the word “snail” is also used to mean “cinnamon roll”, how cool is that?).

As a result of this exchange, I set a goal to spend ten minutes a day to memorize a scripture (both in English and in Romanian; I want to know the scriptures well by the end of my mission in English, too), and it’s already paying off.  I’m not memorizing long things, one I’m working on isn’t even a whole verse, but doing so makes it easier, more usable, and lets me cover more ground.  It was a great experience for me to be able to use a memorized verse (however slowly) as part of my testimony in yesterday’s fast & testimony sacrament meeting.  I would invite everyone to not only search the scriptures, but also to try to memorize a little bit of them.  To be able to call upon their words at any moment of need is truly a source of power.

For those reading who do not know much about the books I am referencing, I would invite you to look them up; they are available for free here: https://www.lds.org/scriptures/.  If you have any questions about them, I’d be happy to email with you about them (get into contact with my Mom for contact info).  If you want a physical copy of some scripture, or want to talk to someone in person about them (I’m kind of away at the moment, otherwise I’d be all for it), I recommend this page: http://www.mormon.org/free-book-of-mormon.

I created a sour cream peach pie this week.  It wasn’t too hard to make, but it looked pretty fancy when finished.  Time to make the fresh blueberry cream pie recipe again, the right way, with only a bottom crust!

Happy Month of June!

Varstincul Brown


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