Routine or Random? Either Way, More Food and Castles!

Hello everyone,

This week I got to remake the blueberry cream pie (the right way).  It worked out a lot better with only the bottom crust.  I wanted to make some stuff with rhubarb, and some cookies with pumpkin, but unlike last week, there wasn’t any rhubarb available today.  Well, you can’t go wrong with the simple beauty of brownies.

We also went to Bran Castle again today, this time with the Ploiesti District.  It actually had tourists today, unfortunately.  I must say that places are always better when you are the only ones there.  Anyway, the Ploiesti District currently includes a sister who served in Brasov the last two transfers.  Basically, people keep coming back from the past (my current companion is daily living proof of that).  It’s really weird.

June continues on, and it’s weird to realize that summer’s coming already.  It makes me feel like I’ve been here a while.

Random side note:  I love living in a land where I can go to the store and buy Haribo gummy bears packaged in the language they were meant to be packaged in.  Sometimes you just gotta resort to that classic heritage found in the quality of German candy.  Also, I can’t say I’m unhappy to live somewhere that has Milka as a default chocolate bar.

Random thought:  There’s nothing like a mission to make you think about how everyone’s different (companions, those served, etc…).  Everyone deserves our patience and understanding.  We are all children of God, and we all contribute differently.  Just how you can’t make a blueberry cream pie without both the sour cream and the blueberries, life on Earth wouldn’t be the same without each of our varied talents, personalities, and, in general, spirits.  I would challenge everyone to make an effort to develop the Christ like attribute of patience in our relationships with others; we are all children of God.  Giving of our kindness, respect, and consideration may seem simple, but I know that simply being positive does have an impact on those around us.

More baking metaphors to come,

Varstnicul Brown


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