“Hold to the Rod, the Iron Rod; ‘Tis Strong, and Bright, and True”


So this week was pretty crazy, mostly because I decided that I needed to one-up my brother…not by getting hit by a bike, but by falling on the bus…Hard!  You know how it is in families, you can’t let your younger siblings out do you!  So my companion and I were getting on a bus after contacting someone at the bus stop.  And she said to me, “Do you want to sit down?”  Being naive, I just thought she was trying to be nice, so I said, “No, it’s fine.”  Well, you should really trust your companion, especially when your companion has the Spirit like mine does.  Because we were riding along when the bus decided to brake hard, and that is when I started to fly backwards desperately trying to hold on to everything I could, but to no avail.  I finally landed flat on my back.  I was a little dazed and didn’t realize the bus driver had stopped the bus.  My companion picked me up and sat me down.  Do you know how disorienting it is to have someone in another language talking to you when you can’t think straight?  Pretty bad.  But things worked out.  And other than some minor neck pain, things are back to normal.  Moral of the story…after you have success, Satan will try and push you down, but don’t let go of the iron rod!  Silver lining of the story…although I fell through half the bus and it looked like what my companion describes as someone getting sucked out of an air-lock on star wars, I didn’t let go of the Book of Mormon!  It was still in my hand when I fell, and there it will stay forever because I know that it is the word of God, the most true of any book on the earth and I love it!

We also had zone conference this week.  It was sad because it was President Rowe’s last zone conference with us.  I will definitely miss him.  He and his family are such an example to me.  They really exemplify disciples of the Lord.  I have the upmost respect for them.  We talked a lot about faith.  It was really cool because much of what President Rowe said was what my companion and I had been feeling lately, so we were all on the same page.  It is sad that they are leaving, they have done so much for us, but we know that the new president will be just as great, just different.  I am grateful that the new mission president is called of God to be here.  If I didn’t have that assurance, it would be much harder to deal with the change.

This week we also saw miracles.  We went to an inactive member’s house that we have been working with.  They have a newborn who has been having a lot of health issues.  We feel strongly that this is the time for her to come back to church; we just need to get her there.  During our visit the baby was crying the whole time.  After about 30 minutes of trying to calm her down, my companion felt like we should just pray.  As she started the prayer the crying got louder, but right when she said the baby’s name, she fell asleep, mid-scream.  We were able to teach after that, and she slept the whole time.  God works miracles today, and we only need to live worthy, work hard, and watch them happen!  If you haven’t seen God’s hand in your life, I invite you to do so…look for Him, He is there.  I hope you have a good week!

Sestra Brown


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