Happiness is….Baptisms, Mickey Mouse, Ice Cream, and a Warm Puppy?


This week we went to Bucuresti for Zone Conference Tuesday evening.  We ended up staying with the Mihai Bravu Zone Leaders (one of whom is my companion’s cousin).  We entered the wrong building in trying to go to their apartment.  I guess it’s more common in the country’s capital for each apartment block to have a security guard; both the one we entered, and the correct one next to it, had a guard.  In trying to piece together the directions and the reality of the mismatching building interior, the guard walked up to us and asked us what we were looking for.  He wasn’t too impressed with our explanation, and I was fairly quick in trying to make sure we left without causing any trouble.  We called the Zone Leaders again, and they said they’d be down to get us.  We got the correct building after that.  The lightning that evening on the train ride from Ploiesti to Bucuresti was spectacular, and made a cool background from inside their apartment.

The Zone Conference itself was a good one.  There were many testimonies of departing missionaries and a lot of soda for the lunch.  Yep.

Thursday night was a bit stressful, but I managed to make both a blueberry cream pie and some brownies.  The blueberry cream pie really has been a hit.  This week I’m finally getting experimental.  I intend to have this transfer go out in a bang.  I’ve never made cheesecake in my pie tin, and the recipe is designed for an 8″ rather than a 9″ tin, but it ought to work, hypothetically.  Raspberry-cherry cheesecake, here I come!

We met with a less-active member this week, who would make such a solid active member, but, like others, is prevented by their job.  It’s a very strong reminder to me of how important it will be to go into the job market with a firm determination to keep the Sabbath Day holy, for it is much easier to prevent such situations than to get out of them.

This weekend was dominated by visiting a family that lives just outside of Brasov.  It was actually kind of nice, as we got rides from members all three times.  The family consists of four boys and two grandparents (though the grandfather isn’t normally there for the visits).  The grandmother is a recent convert, and the four boys were just baptized and confirmed yesterday (the branch is really starting to have some kids around; it’s great).  We had to go out to teach the law of Chastity, do the baptismal interviews, and finish the paperwork.  The Brasov Sisters are still leading this mission.

I got a camera to replace my broken one today, so that makes me happy. Let the pictures continue!  We also dropped by a Danish-import / second-hand store and got some really cheap ties (mine were only 7.50 lei a piece, and my companion’s tie was only 4.50 lei!).  One of the ties is a Mickey Mouse paisley, which already has the rest of my district impressed.  I may not be able to wear it as a missionary, but just owning it makes me happy.

One of the ladies who operate the piata ice cream machine asked me jollily today if my colleague wouldn’t also like a cone when I bought one from her.  It had been raining earlier, but it was warm and overcast when I walked by around 18:30 or so, and the ice cream machine was manned.  So yep, the ice cream stand is getting to know me a bit too well.  Even though it’s been a few days since my last cone, I did comment to my companion that the fact people were buying cones on a day it had been raining, proves that you can never count out a day for ice cream, weather notwithstanding.  But hey, transfers are next week.  Who knows, I might become a regular in another city’s ice cream stand soon enough.


Varstnicul Brown


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