The Miracle of the Invitation


This was truly miracle week.  We went on exchanges this week, so I got to see Maribor for the first time.  It was funny, it looks and feels like Sacramento on the way up there, or Davis or something, except mixed with Robin Hood.  It is kind of a strange feeling.  It was good to see another place, but I definitely missed Ljubljana.  The train ride was very beautiful though.

The real miracle this week happened on Sunday.  We have been working a lot with some inactive members.  Both my companion and I really felt that it was their time to come back to church.  After the miracle last week with the baby who stopped crying when we prayed, we didn’t feel like there was any more that we could do, other than to pray and invite.  We tried to invite members to reach out and call them as well.  Saturday night we called both of them, and they both said they might be coming to church.  We freaked out!  We texted anyone in the branch who might know them that they might be coming.  I have never prayed that hard, at least not in a good long time.  Sunday morning dawned and I was so nervous.  But when Simona walked into the church, I lost it.  She even brought her baby!  I couldn’t help it.  I just started crying.  And she even came in with a member!  All the members that I had texted went right up to her and talked to her.  It was the most amazing thing.  It really reminded me of God’s love for us all.  And then Ljiljana walked in!  With another member!  Both the inactives we have been working so hard with came to church and had outreach from the branch.  You could see the joy in their lives because they came.  The whole meeting I prayed that the speakers would be good and that Simona’s baby would not cry.  And she slept the whole time!  It was beautiful.  The program was perfect.  Including a Spirit filled primary number.  We were so beyond happy, it was wonderful and you could see that it was affecting the members too.  It was the greatest blessing ever.

The World Cup is pretty crazy.  When it started here, we saw a guy who had been punched or something by one of his friends outside the local store.  There were cops everywhere.  I have never seen so much blood.  Supposedly it was because of the World Cup. Who knows really.  It was pretty crazy though.

We have been eating a lot of cherries lately.  So that has been good, but there is always a problem about where to put the pits.

We have been getting some summer thunderstorms to cool the place off a bit.  There was a really bad thunderstorm on Friday.  My companion and I were totally unprepared.  It was crazy, and of course we were wet, hiding under a building in an alleyway eating ice cream (Ha-ha), when I saw lightning hit the park pole in front of me!  It was crazy, but we made it home safely after a quick prayer and a lot of running.

During church this Sunday I had a couple of thoughts from the people who were giving talks and the whole wonderful experience in general, that I wanted to share.  I just kept thinking that all these people needed was love.  They just needed someone to care enough about them to invite them back to church.  And then they came.  We really can make a difference!  We just need to try.  The second thought I had was in response to someone who was speaking.  At the end of his talk he said, the church in Slovenia is not a coincidence, and the Lord chose you, that is not a coincidence, whether you like it or not.  I thought that was funny, but true.  We all have reasons why we are the people we are, and if we realize that and take control, we will be able to use our agency to make a great change in the lives of others, as well as our own!  It was a great week and I can’t wait until next week!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sestra Brown

P.S.  We went to Lake Bled last week.  The water was so beautiful and tempting, but I didn’t go swimming.  Instead, I went hiking and almost died because it was so hot.  But once I got up there, I climbed barefoot to the edge of this rock and just sat.  It was so beautiful, and for once I enjoyed that I had climbed all the way up.  It was so secluded, and I am sure there are not any other places that are more beautiful than that.  It was wonderful.  I couldn’t help but think how much God loves me that He created this place for me to enjoy.  I made a promise to go back there, so I guess whoever wants to come better start planning a trip soon Ha-ha.



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