Pickpockets in Training: “Honestly Kid, We Give Those Out for Free!”

Well, let me start off by saying that the transfer news is in, and it was about the last thing anyone expected.

But before I get to that, I’d like to report that the transfer went out with a baking bang.  I created a raspberry cheesecake.  The top layer included some cherry juice, and most prominently, a smiley face made out of cherries!  We also did an anonymous compliment activity for the final district meeting, which was nice.  Well, most of it was anonymous, Elder H’s voice was pretty prominent, especially when his note referenced the fact that he’s going to surf with me (teach me how to surf, that is) when I go back to San Diego after the mission.

We also met with a less active family that lives in Tarlungeni (a village outside of Brasov).  We barely missed the bus back, and had to wait an hour to get back to Brasov.  The thing is, Tarlungeni is literally right next to Brasov, and thus the most common method of return is hitchhiking.  I cannot tell you how many people offered to drive us back to Brasov.  One man in particular was very hard to get away from.  We ended up walking a little bit away from the bus stop (and we were already on the other side of the road by then) so that he would just drive on.

When it was almost time for the bus to come, we returned back to our position by the bus stop.  There were three kids sitting at the bus stop.  The smallest came over and beamed up at us.  I said “salut” (hi), and he ran away.  He kept coming and going, doing some pretty hilarious stuff, and smiling all the while.  It was quite entertaining.  The oldest of the three had been wearing a red, construction-paper graduation cap.  Later into his efforts, the youngest strutted over wearing it.  However, when he tried to turn around and go back, the wind blew it off his head.  He kept putting it back on, and it kept flying off, until he lost all composure and crushed / ripped it up.  Other than that one break in character, the kid was professional in getting us desensitized.  My companion had his wallet under close watch, but when the kid finally did go in for a grab (a little bit after he mimed that his stomach was empty), he went for the exterior pocket of my companion’s bag.  My companion moved, and didn’t think he had gotten anything.  The kid and the two other boys went down the street a ways, and suddenly the youngest was tossing Book of Mormon pass-along cards in the air.  Well, he was well trained (the target and method must have been planned), and it was an entertaining performance.  It should be noted that such a method works WAY better for kids than adults; it’s just creepy when adults try it.  But honestly kid, we give those out for free, you could have just asked!

Anyway, as to transfers, my companion is leaving Brasov!  He will serve with my prior companion as one of the Zone Leaders!  He’ll be the third consecutive companion I’ve kicked out to Sibiu, and now my Zone Leaders are my two most recent companions!  But what’s more, I’m staying in Brasov…as a District Leader Trainer!!  I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!!  Hmm, well perhaps that was too much, but I am FREAKING OUT.  Anyway, I went shopping for muh boy today, and I’m definitely going to do my best to spoil him (the whole mission-family thing gets taken way too seriously in this mission, but it is fun).

The pie transfer is over.  Time for the cookie transfer!  Up next: Snickerdoodles.

More stories to come…

Varstnicul Brown



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  1. Marijo Krites

    Congratulations! Hard work & growing faith are a wonder and you are having such awesome experiences! Prayers & encouragement as you become a “Dad”!

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