Flashback: “Dad, I Don’t Want to Drink More Water….I Don’t Like to Sweat”


This week was amazing.  All of the less active members who came to church last week came again this week!  It was wonderful!  You can really see the Lord working with these people and helping them become happier in their lives.  My companion and I continue to work hard and try and help these people feel loved and welcome.  It is such satisfying work to help others become better!  I have learned a lot this week about being teachable, and faith, hope, charity, and service.  It’s always incredible to me how much the gospel is interconnected.  It’s wonderful how as I study the doctrine, and really search to know answers to what I think are hard questions, I always find answers.  And they are always what I already know or have heard, but it means so much more when I finally understand the how and the why behind the doctrine.  It’s truly a testament to me of the importance of studying with the Spirit, and really making these truths a part of your life.

This week we met with three new investigators, some of them referrals from the Elders.  All of them were so kind to us, and open to hear what we had to say!  It truly was a miracle.  It’s so great to be on a mission and really feel what I’m doing is making a difference.  The best part is it will never stop!  This isn’t just something missionaries get to do and then it’s over.  This is a lifestyle; this is being and becoming a disciple of Christ.  I hope this week we all can do more in our lives to become closer to God!

This week we were told by a senior couple that we are not drinking enough water.  So my companion and I went to the store and bought almost every kind of juice they had.  I have never had so much juice in my life, but it is so good!  Peach juice is still my favorite.  I felt so funny walking out of the store with 20 bottles of juice.  I turned to my companion on the bus and said, “One day I will tell you, ‘Remember that one time we spent like 20 bucks on juice?’, and we will just laugh.”  But seriously, it was so funny!  Now we are hydrated!  And it is awesome!  Why didn’t I do this earlier in life?  Who knew it would take me getting on a mission to get hydrated?  Well, it isn’t hard when you have 20 different juice options!

Hope all is well,

Sestra Brown


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