First Week as a Training “Dad”

Hello all,

‘Twas a good week.  I went down to Bucuresti Wednesday morning for transfers.  It was nice to not have to leave the house ’til 8am, and not have any baggage to worry about (I love not having to worry about bags).

Once there, I went to Subway (expensive, but so delicious), and then via metro to the mission office for the trainers’ meeting.  It was a cool meeting, even if it’s weird to think that I was a part of it.  It was also the last time I’ll have seen the Hills (at least on the mission; we get a new mission president this week).  They’re so awesome, seriously some of the coolest and nicest people ever.

After the meeting, I went back to the train station, and eventually found my new companion (who is legit).  I bought train tickets and he had some McDonalds.  Then I bought some more train tickets (that moment when you accidently miss the train due to mixing up your departure time with a Brasov train’s arrival time on the big board), and we left for Brasov.  We called and rode a taxi home, and I finished preparing the orange chicken I had been marinating.  It’s a complex recipe and requires some time to marinate, but it’s so good!

The next day, my companion’s first in-field work day, we met with an investigator for a member-present lesson at the Church.  We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, with my new companion getting to extend a hard baptismal invitation his very first lesson (on his very first day, what!!).

This was my first week as District Leader, meaning that it was my first time organizing a district meeting.  It was an interesting experience, and I really liked the quality of the parts given by the other district members.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been the companion of a District Leader every transfer save my first, but it really doesn’t feel that weird to be a District Leader/Trainer, it’s just fulfilling.

Anyway, the Snickerdoodles I made for district meeting turned out to be more like lemon cookies.  I was rushing and didn’t chill the dough, so the first balls of dough took most of the cinnamon (and weren’t baked sufficiently long, and were ruined).  Consequently, the cookies I took to the meeting could’ve used more cinnamon.  Also, I had some Romanian watermelon for the first time yesterday with my companion.  It was legit.

We were invited to the senior couple’s last night for a traditional Sunday night district dinner, which was amazing.  Eating that classically “American family” group style was refreshing.

We found a really cool potential English student who will definitely come when classes start (yup, my companion initiated that contact too).  Also, I had a really good contact with the lady at the counter of a Samsonite store (we were looking for a pouch).  She was impressed with the fact that we speak Romanian, and will probably come to English class when she can.  She even said we should stop in again if we were ever passing by, so I’ve got to figure out how to make it so the Sisters incidentally pop into her store at the right time.

Oh, and I got to do a bit of translating during the third hour of church, which made me feel good.

Chocolate chip cookies up next…  Until next time,

Varstnicul Brown


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