Finding Our Patronus Memory


This week was wonderful, but also a little sad because it was the last week in Slovenia for both our mission president and the Muirheads.  On Monday we went to the castle at Ljubljana, and then played charades at the Muirhead’s house.  We are definitely going to miss them, they did so much for us, but since they are going back to America, we will be in touch.

This week we had a baptism!  Someone the Sisters in Celje had been teaching got baptized, but the baptism was in Ljubljana, which meant a lot of food and preparation for us!  It was wonderful and a great opportunity to feel the Spirit and invite investigators to a baptism.  After the ordinance, the Kranj Sisters taught a beautiful spiritual thought.  They talked about the restoration.  The Spirit was so thick, you would have had to been dead not to feel it!  It was a wonderful experience.  We also got to see our mission president and his wife for the last time at the baptism.  They are so wonderful; it will be hard to see them go.

This week we also got a new investigator!  We met him while trying to get in contact with a former investigator.  Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside his house because we didn’t have another girl with us, but we talked to him and gave him a Book of Mormon.  He said we could meet again this week, and he would invite his daughter so we could talk inside!  It was great!  It was just a little funny because he didn’t really understand why we couldn’t come inside.  Guess my Slovenian still needs some work.  Haha, I think that will be the story for the rest of eternity.

Things are going well here, everyone is just gearing up for the new mission president and nobody really knows what to expect.  It will definitely be different, and we are all a little nervous, but excited!  Guesses about random rule changes are circulating, but I think we all feel that it will be good no matter what happens.

This week I really learned that your happiness in life is dependent on your attitude.  My companion and I talked a lot this week about responding to stress and frustration when things don’t turn out the way you planned or hoped.  She gave me some good advice that I want to pass on: “It’s like Harry Potter…you just need to find your Patronus memory, and then every time you get sad, mad, discouraged, or doubt something, you can think about it and have a really powerful Patronus”.  It was a funny example, but it is so true!  One thing I have learned on my mission is how powerful and important our thoughts are!  They influence everything!  And if we all found our Patronus memories, we would be unstoppable!  I think the world would be a better place!  So the question this week is, “What makes you happy?”  I know the most joy that we can find on this earth is in the gospel of Jesus Christ!  As we live the gospel, and become followers and disciples of Christ, we will build our Patronus memories.  We will become Patronus lights to others, and help them build their Patronuses!  This is just a cute way of saying that if we all speak and live according to the language of faith, we will find the most joy possible!  I know that this is true!  I hope you are all finding joy in your lives by coming closer to God!  Have a great week!

Sestra Brown


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