A Week in the Life of Varstnicul Brown


A lot happened this week.

On Monday we took a half P-day, as we were going to Peles on Tuesday.  That’s all fine and good, but our investigator called us the night before asking to meet Monday, which is okay, but he wanted to meet in the morning, which would’ve given us no time to prep a lesson.  We finally agreed on meeting in the afternoon, although with the short notice, a member couldn’t be present.  The lesson was good, focusing on the importance of scripture study and how both the Bible and the Book of Mormon are important.

We went to Peles with the Ploiesti district on Tuesday.  We had a good trip and took many pictures with actual people in them.  We had to skip out on lunch rather early, as our train was leaving at 2:30pm.  We did some contacting later that day, and I got a phone call from our branch mission leader while contacting.  After we discussed some matters, we walked away from where we had stopped (the side of a theater) and out to the main street.  We then got another phone call from him; he was sitting on a bench across the street.  We did English-class-contacting down to the train station with him.  I can say that there’s nothing like going contacting with a native member, just like when we hot-chocolate contacted last winter.

Thursday was fun.  I started off my morning right by answering the door in a T-shirt and shorts.  That was my first time being on the receiving end of tracting.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses were nice, but it was just rather bizarre for me.  When I told them I was a missionary for my church, they instantly recognized my denomination of course (no one else has local missionaries, and foreigners for missionaries), it was just different.  District meeting was good, and there were chocolate chip cookies, which turned out great.

Friday was the 4th and the district wanted to celebrate somehow.  I didn’t really want to make a big deal out of it.  I just wasn’t feeling like going through all of the preparations…so it’s good that the Sisters pushed for it.  We ended up eating a classic 4th of July dinner consisting of potato salad, watermelon, and well…KFC at the senior couple’s apartment.  It was awesome.

Saturday we did some chalk contacting in the large park by the train station to advertise English classes; we also cleaned the church.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting at church.  It was a really good testimony meeting; there weren’t any pauses between testimonies and we actually went a bit over time.  Two of the members tied in some of their conversion stories, which was great.  Sunday school was the liveliest I’ve ever seen it; there was some really good conversation.

Also on Sunday we got a phone call on the way home.  The man didn’t offer much of an intro; he got right into asking how we could meet, which caught me rather off guard.  We set up to meet an hour later in the city square.  We met what turned out to be a younger-middle-aged couple, who happened to be really nice.  We walked a bit into the surrounding forest to escape the noise, and found out they contacted us because one of their cousins (a member from a different city) told them they should do so.  Much to my surprise, a startling phone call turned into probably the most chill and comfortable contact I’ve ever had.  The couple showed interest in the concept of eternal families, a curiosity to learn more about the Church, and a desire in meeting with us to learn English.  Oh, and they also happened to be amateur artists; my companion got a professional looking flower sketch on a page in his planner.  I’m really excited for continuing to meet with them.  It just goes to show the power of referrals, even if the referrals do the contacting.

The senior couple is actually doing no-bake cookies for this week’s district meeting, but I might make brownies just because baking something once a week for the district has become a special part of me.

Hope everyone’s having a great summer!

Varstnicul Brown



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