Unlimited Potential Every Day


This week was a little bit difficult because everyone was going to the ocean and on vacation, or just dropped off the face of the earth.  But I am just grateful that it is still cloudy most days and not too hot, just humid.

This week was wonderful because I was really able to study the life and atonement of Jesus Christ.  It really struck me how wonderful the atonement is, and how real its affects are.  After studying it one morning, something just clicked.  I realized that one of the beautiful blessings of the atonement is that it frees you from your past daily.  Sometimes people limit what they can do because of their past, or because of their perceptions about the future.  But the atonement makes it so that we have a new start every day, and that means that we have unlimited potential every day.  How wonderful is that!  It is truly the best gift we could ever receive.

While I was studying, I also realized how the Book of Mormon is really a guide book for life.  I used to love analyzing the scriptures and pulling out different information, but really the scriptures are pretty plain in the way they teach doctrine.  When I was studying the atonement, the scriptures just opened up to me.  I could see how much this book is for our day, how it truly teaches, and how we could learn from its pages.  It was a wonderful experience and it really helped my testimony grow.  If you haven’t felt this way, or had this experience, try it!  You have nothing to lose and an eternity in blessings to gain!

The gospel of Christ has really unfolded to me in its simplicity while I have been on a mission.  It has been one of the greatest experiences for me to see the promise of the gospel working in my life, and in the lives of others.  I hope that everyone is doing well.  Have a wonderful week!

Sestra Brown

P.S.  I finally made it to the coast like all the other people here.  It was cloudy, so there were not many people.  It was beautiful.  I will need to go back and swim for sure.  I loved it.



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  1. Marijo Krites

    Thanks for this post! I appreciate your insight about the atonement freeing us from our past daily. I have also found that when I study each day such beautiful truths strengthen me in my journey. So glad to hear of your growth & joy!

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