Catering Missionary Style: “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” Pizzas


The beginning of this week certainly gave me plenty to do.

Monday was Elder H’s birthday.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t really prepared to bake him anything, and we wouldn’t have had anywhere to eat a pie anyway (nearly 5 transfers around each other…and well, I baked later, I guess).  The district (except for the Sisters, who were taking care of visa problems) went bowling, which was fun.  We also went to eat at one of the table-catered-restaurants which are in the city center’s main street during the summer.  It was an Italian restaurant, and I got the Pizza Casei, which naturally had fries on it.  Everything “Casei” (“of the house”) always does, and it was really, really good.  Elder C (who is from Italy) also ordered it and verified that such pizzas exist in Italy.

Tuesday morning I began my baking marathon.  I actually got both types of cookies done that morning.  I later called a bunch of catering places to try to find somewhere that could provide food for the next day.  There was one call where the lady handed the phone to her son because of his ability to speak English.  I did try to speak to him once in English (slowly), but his English was very, very broken, and I quickly switched back to Romanian so that we could communicate.  That was the first time (that I can think of) where I was able to speak Romanian in order to make communication between myself and another easier (other than to have others hear the gospel in their own language).  It made me very happy.

Anyway, I ended up ordering eight giant pizzas instead.  First I ordered seven, but they called me the next morning telling me that they were having a buy-3-get-1-free promotion, so I went for six to get the extra two.  I’m glad I did most of the baking in the morning, because the Cluj district got in much later than expected that night.  I made brownies that night before going to sleep, completing the preparation.

The next day was great and the conference was awesome.  The conference gave me more excitement for doing missionary work.  The Church is trying to focus on a more balanced approach, which means that we will be visiting more members and teaching more instead of street contacting all the time.  I am really looking forward to the change (lessons are so great).  We also had a ton of left-over pizza, fruit, and oatmeal raisin cookies (the peanut butter cookies were a big hit).  So we had a lot of pizza last week, making this week’s shopping trip a very, very cheap one.

Unfortunately, one of our investigators is going to be out of town for another week or so.  But we got in contact with one of my cool former investigators (you get a lot when you stay somewhere as long as I have).  He said we could come over Tuesday or Wednesday this week, so I’m looking forward to that.

I did make a pie for Friday’s district meeting.  Yep, you can’t go wrong with cream pie, regardless of the fruit used.  It was a very red-magenta pie (in honor of Elder H’s recipe).  I’m again deviating from the cookie-only directive, as the supermarket had rhubarb again, and I came recipe-prepped this time!  (Plus the alternative was no-bake cookies, and the universe is clearly against me violating my baking-only code.)

We had an exchange from Saturday ’til church on Sunday.  The senior couple had us over for dessert yesterday afternoon, which was, of course, great.

Varstnicul Brown


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