On to Maribor!


This week was crazy, mostly because it was the week that we all found out about transfers.  As you would have thought, everyone got moved!  I am now on my way to serve in Maribor!  It should be really great and I am excited, but I am also sad to leave Ljubljana because I have been there the whole time.  But I really feel that the Lord has called me to Maribor to do a great work and that we will have great success!

We also had great success this week in visiting both active and inactive members.  I love them all so much; it will be hard to leave.  On Sunday I was able to bear my testimony and I know the Spirit was there.  It was so strong.  The hardest part about the transfer will be leaving my companion.  She was such a help to me and really taught me to love and have compassion for the people.  She is always giving and willing to help.  She is such a great missionary and is so in tune with the Spirit.  She can help all those around her because she knows exactly what the Lord want her to do!  She will do great things in Ljubljana.

This week I learned more about myself and started doing things a little unconventionally.  I have been making friendship bracelets and bookmarks for people we visit.  It has been really great to share my talents with others, and find that they are more open to talking to us because they see that we are normal people, just doing what we love with the Lord.  This is really what this whole mission is about – sharing with people the joy and talents we have found because of the Lord.  We don’t just do this for a little while and then stop; we are living our lives this way.  The gospel is a lifestyle to find true happiness.  This week I read the scripture:

Now was not this exceeding joy?  Behold, this is joy which none receiveth save it be the truly penitent and humble seeker of happiness. – Alma 27:18

This is what we are doing on the earth; we are all searching for happiness.  I know the way we can truly find happiness is by coming closer to Christ.  I hope this week we will all use our talents to come closer to Christ and find joy through service.

Sestra Brown


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