Lengthening Strides in a New Area of the Vineyard


This week was definitely different because I have never served in Maribor before, but it was fun!  The work here is different than in Ljubljana, but it is a different city so what do you expect!  This week I learned some life lessons, for example:

If you have the opportunity to learn something, learn it!  I realized that the Lord had really given me all the opportunities I needed to be successful here, but some of them I didn’t take.  Like learning German (my mom is German and I am just a few miles from Austria now), or paying more attention in school.  But it was really cool to see that the Lord had a hand in my life and has been preparing me from the beginning to be here at this time to bless these people.

It pays to be in shape!  Yesterday, my companion and I decided to go out of the city for what turned out to be a five hour hiking excursion in the hills of Maribor.  You know how Rome was built on 7 hills?  Well, Maribor was built on about 100.  There is so much forest, hills, and farms here.  It is fun to go around for the first hour, and then it gets harder.  I was sweating within five minutes, but it was so beautiful, and the message we have is so important, that we kept going.  Once we got through the small towns and to the top of the hill, we just sat down on the road.  It was a wonderful experience and reminded me of the first missionaries who went from place to place and town to town.  This week we will try some more creative ideas to talk to people.  I can’t wait!  Mostly because I get to use my talents for drawing!  I think it will be great.

I hope all is well and that you can use your talents to share what you love with others!  That is one of the best ways to share your views about God, and show Him your gratitude.

Sestra Brown


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