“But of You It Is Required to Forgive All Men”


This week the weather was hotter than last; I guess it finally decided it wants to be summer here.  I also saw a bright red Ferrari from Italy, and we helped some backpackers from France find a hostel.

I love my companion and we are having a blast!  We decided to use our talents when contacting.  We go to all the parks in the small villages where she plays her oboe and I draw and try and get kids to draw with me.  Then we just ask people questions (like how to get somewhere), so they will start talking to us.  I think our approach is working, and I get to draw!  This week we are going to really focus on just being happy and having normal conversations with people so that we can build relationships with them.  I have also been doing meditation and yoga for the last couple of months and it is awesome, it’s all about breath control and is the closest thing to swimming I can get, haha.

Not everyone is as easy to get along with as my companion.  Sometimes you meet people that are a challenge.  This week I learned a lot about forgiveness and its role in all of our relationships.  In trying to be a disciple of Christ, we need to ask ourselves if how we are acting is truly the way that Christ would act.  It is our job to forgive and forget when others offend us and move on with Christ-like love.  I learned that forgiveness is not an initial feeling, but an act of faith.  God has promised that He will provide the healing feeling after we show our faith by choosing to forgive.

I also learned that Christ did not force anyone to do anything.  He merely went about doing good, smiling at those around Him, getting to know them, and healing those who would let Him.  He never thought poorly of others, but expected them to be their best.  He treated them as children of God and helped them achieve their potential.  This week I really reflected on the kind of person I want to be and I found the sweet joy that comes from truly seeking the Lord.

I have found God on my mission and He has shown me my weaknesses, weaknesses that I never would have imagined I had.  He has greatly blessed me to recognize my weaknesses so I can consciously change them into strengths with God’s help.  I can feel my love expand for these people as I try and be the loving disciple that God has asked me to be.  I have found more joy and peace this week in really trying to treat all that I meet as children of God, and seeing them the way that God sees them.  I have also learned that humility is one of the greatest of God’s gifts.  It brings an enduring happiness that you can’t find anywhere else.

This week I invite you to find God more in your life, humbly and with real intent to change, so He can help you become more than you could ever imagine.  It might be hard, but it’s so worth it.

Have a great week!

Sestra Brown


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