Varstnicul Brown: Legitimate Hearsay Record-Holder

Hey everyone,

This past week was transfers, but while the district changed around me, my companionship did not.  This is my 7th straight transfer in Brasov, and I thus tie the longest-standing record for staying in Brasov that I can verify by legitimate hearsay.

This week we were blessed to meet with a less active family and a less active member.  On the suggestion of the senior missionary couple (who were on the visit with us to the family), we’re going to start trying to hold a family home evening with the family, so that should be interesting.  They’re a really nice family and have such high potential.  The other less active member we met with is amazing, and really wants his family (non-members) to eventually come to church with him.  But he is having a difficult time attending church because of his work situation, despite his efforts to change it.

Also this week I got asked by some backpacking Romanians who were walking up our street for directions to a pensiune (bed & breakfast).  I’m not sure how they missed the two on the way up to where we live; they must have gone through the city center and dodged the street?  I directed them back onto the main street and to the right, where I knew there were some nice ones.  I hope they found them…but they were Romanian and really shouldn’t have had much problem asking for directions.

We have run into our landlady’s mother twice recently, once this last week and once today.  She lives a couple floors above us, and while her daughter speaks perfect English, she doesn’t seem to speak any.  However, she does seem to know some German.  These last two times we’ve seen her she’s tried to communicate to us in German, but Romanian would be better.  Today she was trying to tell us that the water would be off due to repairs in the area, as posted outside of the houses on our street.  She reverted to Romanian in the end, but I was rather satisfied when I understood what she was trying to say in German, which was “wasser” and something else I can’t recall (but I remember having understood).  Hey!  I know those words!  German will be so cool to learn when I get to it.

I have to say that a lot more people have been coming up and talking to us than ever before.  Even a couple of kids waved at us last week.  It’s really weird, but also cool!

We had 51 people at church in Brasov this week!  The Feldioara group closed down unfortunately, but that means they come to Brasov for Church, which is actually really great.  Two families that had gone on one of the two annual temple trips returned half-way through church, which was cool, especially as it had been the first temple trip ever for one of them.  So the chapel felt much fuller yesterday.  There were even a ton of kids, which really makes the branch feel so much more alive.

The chicken pot pie we had on Sunday was again great.  I will master that recipe eventually!  Chicken pot pie Sundays are amazing! 😀

This week I’d like to share this video as a follow up to my last entry:  I really like the video, and it’s really uplifting.  It’s a good reminder to put trials in perspective and also that help will always come to the faithful.

Until next time,

Varstnicul Brown


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