Battle of the Bugs!

Hello everyone,

Well I wasn’t able to bake apple pie this week as our apartment had some small, unwelcomed, orange and white guests (hopefully not too many remain).  They’ve been around for a while, but I thought they were generally isolated to my bedside table.  They came back even when sprayed.  They spread quickly and relatively quietly, so that when the battle began, it was all over the house (except in the bathroom, they don’t seem to care for water).  They didn’t care for us or our food, but they did enjoy dust and especially certain objects of wood.  They also loved my flour, and at that point, things got personal!

The war of insecticide and cleaning has been raging all week, but I think I might have just won a major victory by spraying the entire foundation of the apartment with Permethrin.  The vast majority of the population seems to have been sneaking around the foundation.  Their numbers are lessening as the fight has continued.  District meeting, however, felt rather empty without the post-meeting treat.  But I made up for it by making the district brownies Sunday morning (I’m keeping my flour in the refrigerator now).

Speaking of food, all of the senior couple’s food went bad.  They had gone with some members of the branch to a Young Single Adult (YSA) conference held in Poland.  They wanted to observe the conference since they are over the YSA in Romania, and are involved in hosting the Eastern European YSA conference next year in Brasov.  While they were gone their power went out, and all of their food was rotten when they got back.  We convened for an emergency potluck last night, which was great.  I also figured out what I was doing wrong when making my chicken pot pies; I wasn’t letting the liquid thicken enough.  I made the pie right this time and it wasn’t leaking all over the oven.

I also translated my companion’s talk this week, as he was assigned to speak on Sunday, so that was fun.  Translating written material is always good language study.

This week we also had three kids randomly salute us at the bus stop as we walked by.  Kind of weird, but I guess we’re American?

We’re having zone training in Sibiu this Wednesday (yay!).  We’re doing a small presentation for the training (more on that next week), and afterward the zone leaders are coming back with us for exchanges (*cough*extendedhangouttimewithformercompanions*cough*).  As we all know what happened last time we brought back missionaries from zone training, I’ll have to be sure to watch out for bikes…

I will get to bake apple pie this week!

Varstnicul Brown



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