Gathering the Elect Continues


We had a really cool experience yesterday.  We were trying a new contacting technique.  We have a white board that says the promise from Matthew, “Ask and ye shall receive”, and then we talk to people about questions.  It wasn’t really going anywhere, and then this lady just walked up and started talking to us.  She said that with us was the only place that she felt safe.  She proceeded to talk about how she doesn’t feel happy at her church, and how the only time she really feels good is when she serves others. We showed her the verse in the Book of Mormon that says if you serve your fellowmen you are only in the service of your God.  She couldn’t put the book down, she just kept reading.  Two or three pages later she looked up with tears in her eyes.  We gave her the Book of Mormon and she said that she would come to English class.

I know that this is the Lord’s work.  As we do it, we find more happiness and peace in our lives because we come to know the Lord.  This week I have felt the sweet spirit that comes from learning more about my Savior.  I know that I am on His errand.  As I align my will to the Father’s, I am entitled to His help and power.  He helps me to do things I never thought possible.  Trust in the Lord.  Trust in His promises.  Live your life the way Christ taught.  Nothing is better than working with the spirit to help others and thereby yourself.  The Lord doesn’t need people who are willing to die for Him; He needs people who are willing and courageous enough to live for Him.  As we strive to do this, we will feel the peace that comes from true discipleship, conversion, and consecration.

I hope you all try this week to live in such a way that the Lord can bless you with His spirit.

Sestra Brown


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