Candy Bar Contacting

Hello all,

This week was an interesting one; one in which I was able to have some unique experiences.

We had zone training in Sibiu on Wednesday.  My companion and I gave one of the presentations.  It was based on an article one of the sister missionaries wrote for the mission newsletter which was about believing that people in Romania have been, and are being, prepared to receive the gospel.  President Ivory is doing a newsletter instead of a weekly email to all the missionaries (I actually got paraphrase-quoted in Sister Ivory’s article).  President Ivory has a huge “positivity” initiative underway at the moment, which is really great.

The train ride back was really fun, partly because we rode back with the zone leaders, who are of course, my former companions.  We had an exchange with them on Thursday where I had a very interesting experience.  We were contacting near where the senior couple lives when I noticed a convenience store, the franchise of which I was familiar with.  I felt prompted to turn from the main road and go down the side street that led towards it.  Upon reaching it, I felt we should go in.  When inside I felt that I was there to contact the lady working at the register, and that I should simply ask her how work was going.  Obviously it would be odd to do so without buying something, so I looked at the candy selection and picked out a coconut flavored chocolate bar, and then proceeded to get in line.  My contact was shortened somewhat as an assistant processed my purchase before I was all the way to the counter, but I was still able to ask my question.  Apparently work wasn’t going too well for her, and being pressured to move along as someone was behind me, I had to be content on wishing her a good evening as I exited.  My “positivity” was well received and reciprocated, and while there wasn’t a lengthy contact, I did notice that she glanced at my name badge.

I do not know what, if anything, will come out of that contact.  But like another experience I had with a different shop worker, I believe that such things happen for a reason, especially when we are prompted to make them happen.  We may not see the results of what we do, but it is important to remember that even the smallest action can have an eternal impact.  It’s important to follow spiritual promptings, however small the action or result may seem.  I invite us all to look for such promptings in the following week, for they are real and are always given for a reason, even if we may not see the reason at the time.

I’m making Key Lime cheesecake this week.  Yeah…that moment when you ask your district at the start of the transfer what their favorite type of pie is…and they go all out with their responses (I love it).

All the best until next time,

Varstnicul Brown


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