Better Late Than Never!


This week was amazing!  It was amazing to see the Lord working through the people of Maribor.  We had a wonderful miracle on Saturday. We were at the church waiting for an appointment, but 25 minutes after the scheduled time, she was still nowhere to be found.  We called and she said she would be there in 10 minutes.  15 minutes later and still no one…but then one of our members walked in.  She asked if we had time for a lesson.  We said sure!  And right when we finished, our appointment walked in.  We had a wonderful lesson and everything worked out beautifully!  I know that there is only one way all of these things could come together like that, and that is through the mercy and grace of God.  How great is this work!?

I had a wonderful time in Celje on exchanges.  It was great, and not just because the Celje apartment is a penthouse, haha.  I learned a lot from Sestra K.  We had a blast looking for a house that I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist, but we found the best pastry shop yet!

This week I also learned the joy of being an amateur.  I have been learning how to cook from my companion.  I used to not like it much, but as I have learned how to laugh at my mistakes it has been so much better.  I actually enjoy it now because I know that this life is a progression, not an immediate perfect destination.  If you understand that God just wants you to do better today than you did yesterday, then everything starts to be better!  It makes life just one big adventure and it’s so amazing.

This week I got my hair cut, it seems to be the thing to do this time of year.  The last time I had it cut the lady could speak English, but not this time.  It definitely was funny trying to explain how I wanted my bangs…who knows the word for bangs?  But I think it turned out good.  I sent a picture.

I hope you all have a great week!

Sestra Brown



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