“Who Wants to Do Some Missionary Work Today?”


This week was wonderful, especially because I found two really amazing talks to read.  Both were given by Elder Bednar in 2008 General Conference, one in April and the other in October.  They are both about prayer and really touched me.  I invite you to read them!  They are amazing.

An amazing miracle happened Monday night.  We went to the park, but when we arrived, there was a public Zumba class right where we were going to contact.  It was pretty awkward for us to stick around, so we left and walked for about 40 minutes to a house that my companion had previously tracted.  When we knocked on the door, the husband immediately opened, but told us to sit outside while he got something.  While he was in the house, the wife opened the door and invited us in.  We were able to teach her a lesson about the Plan of Salvation.  She had really good questions and invited us back this week!  It was a true blessing from the Lord.  I feel so grateful that I was able to teach her and help her find more truth in her life.  It was just another testimony to me that God exists and really desires our happiness.  He will guide us if we are listening.

The missionaries put on a concert this week.  We encouraged people to invite their friends and family.  Two of the sister missionaries played the piano and oboe.  I was able to sit and listen.  The music was incredible and the Spirit was really strong.

On Sunday we were in charge of the lesson in Sunday School about missionary work.  Our branch mission leader really nailed it!  When it was his turn to talk, he just got up and said, “Who wants to do some missionary work right now?  Today?”  Everyone was a little bit confused and hesitant.  But he started moving chairs to the front of the room, pulled some people up, and threw them into a role play with us.  When the members testified, it was so powerful.  Everyone in the room could feel the Spirit.  To follow-up, the members who participated volunteered to come with us on lessons this week!  It was amazing.

This week is going to be great!  We have zone conference on Thursday which will be wonderful.  I can’t wait.  School has also finally started here, so there are a lot more people around to talk with.  Hope you are all doing well.

Sestra Brown


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