Glimpses of Heaven in Celje


This week was indeed miracle week.  We have three follow-up appointments with people who want to learn more!  We also had three lessons with another member of the church present!  I feel so blessed to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to help people learn more about the gospel so they can find joy.

We had a beautiful concert in Celje this week and it really brought the Spirit.  At the concert I learned how God is proud of His children when they choose what is right.  One of the Elders sang one of my favorite hymns, while one of my old companions played the piano.  The Elder who was singing had asked me to listen, so I could tell him how it sounded.  In that moment, with all of us surrounding the piano, I suddenly got an impression.  It was more like a little glimpse of what God feels when He thinks about us.  I felt like we were all part of the same family.  But more than that, we were all working toward the same goal, and making this world a better place.  We were bringing the Spirit to these people and we were so united.  I felt like I feel when I am in the temple with my family.  It was a beautiful reminder of the simple truth that God loves us, and is proud of us when we do good.  It was really wonderful.

At zone conference, I gained additional insight into the topic of faith.  The conference was refreshing and motivated me to be a better example to those around me, especially in faith and charity.  I learned that faith isn’t something you can just will to happen.  Faith is a gift from God.  It is one of the gifts of the Spirit and grows as you invite the Spirit into your life.  This new understanding really helped me figure out how I want to apply this principle and increase my faith.  Our mission president also talked about being more positive in our thoughts and conversations, and how that can build faith.

I hope this week we all stay positive and try to be a little better each day!

Sestra Brown


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