“Whoso Receiveth You, There I will Be Also, for I will Go Before Your Face”


This week was a blast!  I spent the whole week with my companion and Sister K going back and forth between Celje and Maribor.  Sister K’s companion spent the week training in Serbia.  We were blessed to see many miracles.

On Friday we went to visit an investigator, and although he wasn’t home, his wife was.  Without even asking us who we were, she just opened the door and let us in her house and gave us “sok” (a type of juice).  After making some small talk, she told us that her husband wasn’t home, but that she had started reading the book we gave him.  We asked how much she had read and she said 86 pages!  She asked a question about the pictures in the beginning of the book.  It was perfect.  We taught her about the restoration of the gospel, and I recounted the first vision.  It was a beautiful lesson and she said we could come back anytime.  Her granddaughter is reading the Book of Mormon as well!  This experience just goes to show that God prepares families to receive the gospel.

Yesterday we had a big blessing.  We were out visiting some members who are often hard to get appointments with.  We had missed a bus to their village and were running late, but we decided to go anyway.  After visiting one member, we knocked on another sister’s door just 15 minutes before our bus was scheduled to leave.  We had to catch this bus to get back to the apartment, pack, and catch the train to Celje which was leaving in 90 minutes.  We were just planning to leave some cookies and didn’t think it would take very long, but she had just gotten home 15 minutes earlier!  As we talked, we all felt at peace about staying for a while.  We had a wonderful lesson and were able to comfort her since she is going through some hard times.  It was beautiful and we all felt good about it.  When we left about an hour later, we only had 40 minutes to catch our train to Celje, and we still needed to go to the apartment and pack.  It was also Sunday, when buses were few and far between.  For whatever reason, we felt fine about it and just started walking.  About ten minutes later, the senior couple pulled up in their car.  They had felt like they should visit the same member, but when they saw us, they figured they would do it another day!  They raced us home; we packed in ten minutes, and flew to the train station.  At the station, we knelt and offered a prayer of gratitude.

I know that God lives and that He loves us.  There are too many coincidences in life for it not to be true.  I am grateful to be His daughter and to be doing His work in Slovenia!  I hope that you all have a great week full of miracles!

Sestra Brown


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