Iasi: First Impressions

Hello from a really nice internet cafe in the eastern metropolis of Iasi!

I made blueberry cream pie for district meeting this week.  I’ve never baked so fast!  Our apartment has American measuring cups, even down to a fourth-teaspoon! (#inparadise)  Now no mental conversions needed, though the simplicity and speed does take something away from it all (and I was getting good with the mental math).  It’s also great that the apartment is really close to the market.

The branch here has a villa, not a capela (chapel), but it’s still a really pretty building.  The branch is smaller than in Brasov, but Brasov was small when I first got there as well.  I’m confident things will progress with time as the Lord’s work doesn’t stop.

The Eastern Romania Zone is combining with the Chisinau Zone for a zone conference this week; it ought to be fun to go see my mission “birth city” again (especially with much more Romanian under my belt).  A couple more passport stamps comin’ right up.

There are a lot of big churches in Iasi’s center, which I find cool.  The city itself is quite relaxing.  There are people, but it’s quite calm, which ought to be a great atmosphere for street contacting (enough people, but not crowds = perfect).

I’m going to make Snickerdoodles again this week.

Varstnicul Brown


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