Training Day One: Setting Maribor on Fire!


This week was crazy!  It all started with the wonderful assignment I received to train a new sister!  We went down to Zagreb (Croatia) on Tuesday to pick up the new trainees.  It was a wonderful experience and the Lord blessed me to be able to street contact in Croatia and be completely comfortable talking to people.  We met some really amazing people.  Then we attended training meetings and were introduced to our new companions.  My new companion is such an amazing missionary.  We are having a great time here in Maribor.  Even on the way back to Maribor on the train we were able to talk with, get to know, and invite several people to learn more about the gospel.

Our first day together in Maribor was a little rough.  We came home to find a letter attached to our door saying that the person who had negligently put the couch outside would need to remove it immediately or else.  I had put our old couch out there before I left for Zagreb.  I had made arrangements with a member to pick it up the same day, but it didn’t happen.  When I arrived home from Zagreb almost a week later with my trainee, the couch was still there, hence the threatening letter.  After some fruitless calls, we decided to move it back inside the next day.  In the morning we pushed it into the elevator and eventually into the house.  Right when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I went to go heat up my new “warmy buddy” which Sister K had left behind for me when she went home.  (A “warmy buddy” is a fabric bag filled with rice you heat in the microwave and use as a heating pillow).  After I started the microwave and left the room, I heard what sounded like a power surge.  I came back into the room to the microwave on fire!  We put out the fire and aired out the apartment.  I am pretty sure my companion will never forget our first day together.  Now the couch is gone and the apartment is still in one piece.  But it was a very funny first day.

It has been wonderful to see the miracles happen.  For example, this week we taught the lady we found by the river.  She really opened up and we talked to her about re-birth and how she can be free from her past through baptism.  We agreed to work on it together.  It was so wonderful.  These past days I have really felt the enabling power of the Atonement.  Heavenly Father has lifted what I thought I could do, and made it more than it ever could be without Him.  It truly is a miracle.

I hope you all have a great week!

Sestra Brown



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