Conference Time Again!

Hello everybody!

This week I made a strawberry cream pie.  We also visited a member who lives outside of Iasi in his countryside home and teach him how to better use Preach My Gospel.  I love getting outside of the major cities.  It’s outside of the cities that you can truly feel the heart of the country, and more specifically, of the region.  The Romanian and Moldovan countryside is also ridiculously beautiful.

This weekend was cool as it was general conference!  It was a little stressful as there’s a lot of work that goes into watching conference at the church in Iasi.  We have to use a TV as a second screen and we were having trouble getting the sound to play in the room in which we were to watch conference.  But anyway, guess which country Brother Tad R. Callister mentioned in his talk?  #Romania#ldsconf  Haven’t had the chance to listen to conference in English yet, really looking forward to that.

I love how the Church is pushing onward in the social media category.  The talks really fit considering the increased emphasis on sharing positive gospel messages via social media.  I especially liked Elder Oaks’ remarks on being respectful and loving to everyone while being firm in the faith:

We also went to the Iasi Botanical Gardens today, which are really quite nice.  Many photos (of squirrels, plants, and people) resulted.

Hoping everyone a happy and positive week!

Varstnicul Brown




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