Blessings of Conference


This week was really wonderful.  The highlight was definitely general conference.  We watched conference at a member’s house.  It was so nice and led to a funny story.  We were talking about videos and movies.  I said, “Have you seen the one with the golf cart and the guy who gets thrown off?”  I thought it was a YouTube video, and I waited for the Elders to say something.  Then one of the Elders said, “Isn’t that from the missionary driving safety video?”  Ha-ha!  You know your mind has changed when all your funny video references are from the missionary driving safety video.

When I was listening to conference I felt that every talk was an answer to a prayer.  I feel blessed knowing that God talks to, and guides, inspired men today to deliver messages that aid me in helping build His church.

This week I also saw many miracles.  For example, we had someone just call us out of the blue and ask if we could meet.  It took us completely by surprise.  But it was definitely a blessing from God for me and my companion.

I know that God lives.  I have felt His love this week as I have listened to prophets speak.  I hope we can all look inside ourselves and make positive changes, and listen to conference again, and seek Christ.  When you find Him, you will find all hope and light.

Have a great week,

Sestra brown


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