Overlooking Maribor….the Work Continues with a Prayer of Faith


This week went by so fast.  The time just seems to be flying by.  The highlight of the week was probably zone conference that we had in Celje.  It was strange; we were missing a lot of missionaries that I just expected to be there, so the vibe of the meeting was entirely different.  Still good, just different.  It is always good to see new missionaries and to visit with old ones.  We talked a lot about family history and about new ideas for finding that we can use to help people really understand what we are doing here in Slovenia.  That night my companion and I used this new approach with a man who agreed to continue to meet with us.  It was truly a miracle and shows that God definitely guides His work.

We also had some people who normally don’t attend church, come to church this week and participate!  It was great to witness that, and feel the Spirit testify that this is Christ’s church.  But I may never get used to translating Old Testament stuff in Sunday school!

We hiked up the nearby mountain this morning to overlook the city.  It was very beautiful and my companion really enjoyed it.

This week I really learned how important it is to have the prayer of faith with us.  Through prayer we can turn to God and He can lift us and make us better than we ever thought we could be.  He will expand our abilities and talents.  I know as we exercise faith in Him, He will help us in what He asks us to do.

Have a great week.

Sestra Brown



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