Choose the Right

Hello everybody,

This week I made carrot cake, which was my companion’s first ever carrot cake!  Baking’s still going great.  I’m going to round-out the transfer with some classic brownies.

This week Iasi’s celebrations came to a close, and the city center has returned to its peaceful self.  However, it didn’t end without a few concerts that we could hear from our apartment.  There was even a good-sized fireworks display on Wednesday, not that I watched much of it.

On Thursday we had an exchange with the Bacau Elders (they came to us), which was good, because a full-sized carrot cake is hard to divide between only six people.  The extra help was nice.

Last week I discovered that Iasi’s Auchan (supermarket) has an incredible Milka bar selection.  Yes!

For a spiritual thought, I would like to share this talk from General Conference:  I was really impressed by the talk and I think its question is a good one to consider, “Which Way Do You Face?”  There will always be times in which we have to choose between doing what we know Heavenly Father would have us do, and what is comfortable to do.  Even if it can feel socially awkward at times, happiness always comes from choosing God’s way, and making it our first priority.  I would invite everyone to strive to do what they know to be right, regardless of the circumstances.  I testify that doing so brings peace.

Wishing everyone a great week,

Elder Brown


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