A New Branch in Slovenia!


Where to begin with this week, well probably with the biggest thing that happened, we have a new branch in Slovenia!!  The long awaited rumor of Kranj splitting from Ljubljana has finally been confirmed.  It was announced at district conference.  Not many people seemed surprised, but it was still really wonderful.  The spirit was so strong when we all sustained the change.  The whole conference was centered on testimonies and was really uplifting.  President Rwankaba talked about coming closer to Christ.  He challenged us to look at our lives and really evaluate if when people see us, do they see the Lord in what we do.  It was a good reminder of our purpose of being witnesses of God and helping others.

We made palačinke for the first time for my companion’s birthday!  I think she liked it, although I’m not very good at making it, something about flipping the palačinke always gets me.

I had a long train ride from Maribor to Ljubljana and back again with some members that went with us to conference.  I was grateful that during this time I learned a lot from them about their culture and the history of the country, including how they really feel about Tito.  This land is so full of history.  It was a good reminder of how you never know someone until you really start talking to them.

This week my companion placed her first Book of Mormon by herself!  I couldn’t have been more proud.  It was awesome!  It was also great to see the members in Ljubljana again, it is crazy how fast things change, I didn’t even know a fourth of them!

We had some great lessons this week with members who really opened-up and talked about problems they were having.  It was amazing when they started saying the same things that I struggle with sometimes.  I know that God called me here because I have a connection with the people and I can help them.  I am so grateful to Him that I have this opportunity to learn.

We also had a great lesson with an investigator. We really followed the spirit and found out that she had been praying and reading, which has helped with her anxiety, when nothing in the past has helped.  She said she is finding peace and that she loves it.  She feels good.  It almost brought her to tears.  I love her so much and I know that this gospel changes lives.  It is changing hers and I can see it.  I hope this week we all are able to share what we know with others.

Lots of love!

Sestra Brown


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