Perfecting Our Contacting Technique: “Who Knows, They Might Want It When They Are Sober”


This week the weather was freezing!!  The cold just hit all at once and out of nowhere, but I was prepared so no worries.

This week we met two college aged girls who both accepted a Book of Mormon.  They were more than willing to talk about religion with us.  I hope that they will find joy in the book and that we can meet with them again!

My companion and I are still perfecting our contacting technique, but yesterday we contacted someone who was really nice.  He said that he was also trying to get in touch with young people and gave us some good suggestions on how to talk to people.  When we were leaving he said, “Ok, see you around, power to the Mormons!”  It was really funny.  Sometimes people do the funniest things.  For example, this week my companion made a goal that if we ever contacted someone who was drunk, she would give them a pamphlet…because who knows, they might want it when they are sober.  So the next guy we contacted happened to be drunk, and my companion was fumbling in her bag, while I was trying to understand his broken Slovene.  Needless to say he didn’t take the pamphlet, but it was an experience I will never forget.

I took my companion to get her first European pizza this week.  She thoroughly enjoyed it…so that was a success.

This week I learned that it doesn’t really matter how people find the truth…it’s just the biggest blessing in my life to be part of God’s work.  Maybe I don’t understand how I am affecting people here, but I have a promise from God that if I do my best, I will change someone’s life.

This week we were able to watch general conference again in sacrament meeting.  After Elder Uchtdorf’s talk, I felt a great desire to read the words of Christ.  Since hearing that talk, I have been spending more time reading the scriptures, and it has really helped put more things in perspective.  I want to do all I can to help others feel the love and peace that comes from knowing God.  That is what life is really all about.  I have gained a greater love for God this past week because of the things that I am doing, and the people that I am teaching and trying to help.  I can feel my love for the people here deepening, and my understanding for them broadening.  This week I encourage all of you to be a little more kind and see how God increases your ability to love and understand others.  It will surprise you.

Love you all!

Sestra Brown


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