Transfer Day in Bucuresti

Hello everybody!

This week was transfer week, and I must say, this Wednesday was quite possibly the most fun transfer day ever.  I spent the day in Bucuresti picking up my new companion.  The day ended up being just one Brasov district reunion after another.  It was great to see many of the missionaries I had served with again!  It was especially good to see my former trainee.  I have such great mission friends.  It was a bit weird to be with a bunch of guys my age when we rode in the car with the APs and Office Elders, particularly as my good friend Elder C was there.  Too much like post-mission hanging out in America with my friends might be…

While in Bucuresti, I tagged along with the rest of the Mihai Bravu district to have lunch with the Mihai Bravu Branch President and his wife.  They are an awesome elderly couple, but neither of the two missionaries that arrived without a jacket (it is getting to be cool) were let out of the house without one.  I was also able go around old Bucuresti a bit, and I even saw Casa Poporului (“The House of the People”) which was Ceaușescu’s giant parliament building.  (Hey!  I learned about that guy in high school history!  Now I know exactly how to spell his name purely based on how it sounds!) Also, I went to Parcul Cișmigiu (a beautiful park in central Bucuresti) with the other Bucuresti missionaries on Tuesday.  There we meet with President & Sora Ivory (and their son) and the new missionaries for a special meeting to welcome the incoming missionaries.

Serving in Iasi is still great, and our district is amazing.  My new companion is great, although I’m still adjusting to the fact that he’s just about as fluent in Romanian as I am (particularly with grammar and conversation), and he is only in his third transfer (although I guess he is going to go into linguistics, so it makes sense).  It’s really quite amazing.


Elder Brown



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