Back to Ljubljana!


Surprise, surprise.  This week was really fun, and eventful.  All we did for Halloween was eat food.  We also got little pumpkins that were so cute from a lady we helped the other day carry her groceries home from the market.

This week I was asked at the last minute to translate for institute Old Testament class.  I don’t know the words for “revenge”, “concubines”, and the like…so that was an interesting experience, but I think I got the point across.  It was just funny.

I have failed to tell you about puppet guy.  There is a man in Maribor who is always on the same street corner with music and all kinds of marionettes.  He is really talented with them and it always brings a smile to my face.  When puppet man puts on his show, all is right with the world.  Watching him makes you feel more like you are in Europe and reminds you how amazing it is to help people enjoy life.

Lately we have been doing well, even though it is cold.  We have been talking to more people and it has been wonderful, even though everyone I seem to talk to is a foreigner.

We went to Zagreb on Thursday for a conference with Elder Dyches.  It was amazing and he really helped us focus more on our purpose as missionaries and being effective in using the tools we have.  The Spirit was strong and it was a great booster.

The biggest news of the week came on Saturday morning, when I got a phone call from President Grant.  He said he had some information for me about transfers.  I thought, “Ok, I still have three weeks until the next transfer, tell me about it.”  Then he said that I was going to go back to Ljubljana effective this Friday…I had 6 days.  What?!  I learned that we need to be ready at all times to do what the Lord wants us to do.  I will be learning how to become a Sister Trainer Leader, and I will be with Sister B again…same place, same companion.  I almost feel like the Lord is giving me the chance to prove to myself how different I have become.  I feel bad for my current companion because the change is so sudden.  But I know she is strong and will do really well in Maribor.  I just wasn’t expecting this.  It will be great to see the hand of God working through me to bless the people here, including the missionaries.

I have learned so much from serving in Maribor.  I love the people here so much; it will be hard to leave.  But I know this is a call from God.  I feel this city has taught me how to love, how to be a better servant of the Lord, how to listen more to the Spirit, and how to not judge others.  It has been a beautiful time of growth.  This week I hope everyone learns to listen a bit more and do something nice for others.  Open your heart to the love that God has for you and for others and just go for it!

Have a great week,

Sestra Brown


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