Construction 101

Hello everybody!

We were pretty busy this week.  We did service at a member’s house helping him move liquid cement from where the suppliers dropped it, to where he needed it.  He’s using it to build the walls of the house he’s constructing mostly single-handedly.  It’s really amazing to see how far he’s gotten so quickly through his sole efforts (he doesn’t have money to pay others to help him build).  Later in the week we went to help him again, but the cement didn’t arrive that day.  We ended-up sharing an uplifting message with him in the shelter of his semi-constructed house.

This week we taught more lessons to investigators than usual.  It was great to have the opportunity to teach the gospel so much!  Hopefully this week proves just as good.  We have zone conference (Romania East & Moldova) this Wednesday, and the baking lineup has got me really excited!  It’s not every week you get to bake for 50 people!  Elder Kearon from the Seventy is coming to speak (see October Conference 2010).  So yeah, more fun with catering arrangements.

We tried a new contacting technique today, the one-question survey (as invented by the Oradea Sisters).  It’s a pretty cool way to contact, and a fair number of people participated; I mean, it is only one question, right?

I’m inviting everyone to listen to this talk, which we were asked to listen to in preparation for zone conference:  It’s a good message to remember…we must give our full hearts to the Savior if we are to find true peace.

‘Til next time,

Elder Brown



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