Scripture: The Power of God unto Salvation

This week in the life of Elder Brown:

Well, the banana bread had way too many gooey spots for my liking, but I managed to get all the baking done by Wednesday morning (the morning of the conference).

Anyway, BEST ZONE CONFERENCE OF MY LIFE?  Yes, quite undoubtedly.  It was AMAZING.  Moreover, the conference was led by a general authority with a really cool British accent.  Can’t ask for more than that.  But yeah, very funny, very positive.  The entire conference was pretty much a big discussion.  Some major points were the importance of getting up on time in the morning, smiling, and being genuine.  I can testify that your morning makes your entire day.

This transfer has been going really well.  I’ve never taught so many lessons on a regular basis before.  It feels great to teach!  We figured out the best way to teach one of our investigators was the same way we teach him English, simply and through examples, and through the power of the scriptures.  We may think, in sharing our beliefs with others, that what we’re saying is simple and easy to understand.  However, as Elder Kearon reminded us on Wednesday, our language is more foreign than we realize.  There’s nothing like the scriptures to clearly demonstrate a point that can still seem confusing after much discussion, even using the simplest of terms.  What does “bearing a testimony” mean to most people?  What does the term “priesthood” mean?  I invite everyone to find a way to share the gospel this week using clear and simple terms, and a favorite scripture.  Scriptures share the gospel better than we ever could, and aid in explaining concepts in a memorable way.

Until next week,

Varstnicul Brown


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