Preferring the Precision of the Slavic


True to form, this week was pretty insane.  I went to the doctors on Tuesday for a follow-up appointment.  Needless to say, I don’t like hospitals.  While I was there I was on an exchange with Sister C.  She was able to talk to some really cool people while I was getting more pictures taken.  It was the last appointment for my kidney stone, and I am glad to be done with it.

On Thursday we had a fun English class and we talked a lot about hobbies.  I made the mistake of putting ballet on my list, and the class insisted on a demonstration.  So with one of the ladies singing a traditional folk song, I danced right there in the church.  It has been a while since I danced, and I am nowhere close to being in shape, but it was fun.

We also go to Spanish class now, which really messes with my brain.  Just imagine learning a new language in your second language!  It is very confusing, and my brain was spitting out all kinds of strange things.  It is hard for me to understand why another language would not have clitics or dual cases.  I mean what is that about?  I guess I will have to stick to Slavic languages, because Latin based languages are just so vague.

At Spanish class we met a very cool guy who was actually from Spain!  He took a Book of Mormon, and we talked to him about how our church teaches us to seek the good in everything.  It was wonderful because I taught him about how I have found peace, and how meditation has helped me clear my mind in order to have more effective prayer.  It seemed to touch him, and I really enjoyed helping him understand.

This week we also taught a new investigator that my companion found last transfer.  She is so sweet and was very open and willing to invite us back for another lesson.  I have a great feeling about her.

This week I had an exchange with one of our newest missionaries, who is amazing.  I am so surprised with the level of missionaries who are coming out now.  They are so smart and prepared.  I am excited to work with them in the future.

Thank you for all of your love and support.

Sestra Brown


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