Transfer Mayhem!


So one word to sum up this week…crazy!  We got a call on Tuesday from the mission president informing us that the new sister missionary assigned to Slovenia got reassigned and wouldn’t be coming.  He also wanted our advice on what should be done.  So we racked our brains, and I suggested that you come over and serve Mom, but he said that he couldn’t get that approved, haha!  Sorry!  Then transfers were announced and our predictions were all wrong.  Celje was being closed and Sister C was going to Bosnia!  Surprise, it was crazy!  But then when we thought it was all over, they called again.  The new sister was coming after all, Celje wasn’t being closed, and Sister C was training her.  So now everything was good, transfers were on Monday and life was great!  Then we got another call…Sister C couldn’t go down to pick up her new trainee because of her visa issues, so now I am!  So I’m here in Croatia, with all the missionaries that are returning home, how strange is that?  It is great.

I will also be getting a new companion to serve with me in Ljubljana, Sister D, who has only been out one transfer.  I will continue as a Sister Training Leader, which is why I am here picking up the new sister!

Life has been really up and down this week, but I have learned a lot.  Basically this: that life throws you a bunch of surprises, but if we turn to God and keep our eternal perspective then everything will work out.  I have learned about being calm in hard situations, and really temperate in all things.  It has brought a special spirit into my life.

I hope everyone has a great week and learns how to better weather life’s storms with happiness and peace!  And has a great Thanksgiving!

Sestra Brown


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