Chef Sebastian Tackles Thanksgiving Dinner…Bird and All!

Hi everybody!

It’s been pretty busy lately, and will continue to be until at least the end of today.  Today’s Thanksgiving Day, and to celebrate, we’re having a missionary run branch activity tonight.  I’ve made the crusts, but I still need to bake two pies (only having made one last night).  That’s not even including the turkey that’s now thawing on our kitchen counter…I’m going to be able to bake a turkey by the time this is over!  Learning life skills!

One of the pies will be pumpkin.  I’ve never made one before, but after visiting a member on Sunday with the rest of the district, who feed us practically a Thanksgiving feast, including mashed potatoes and pumpkin flavored baked goods (prajitura), and then finding some cheap (on-sale) Iasi-produced “dovleac placintar” (baking pumpkin/squash; not the seeded pumpkin we’d think of; it’s pretty much a squash), I decided to go for it!

As to missionary work, we had two lessons with members present last week!  It was cool to see how our investigators really opened up more to the members with their questions than they would have with us.  Also, much got clearly communicated (you have to love native speakers, especially when they’re also fluent in culture).

We also had a great “first lesson” on Tuesday with an investigator who we’ve been meeting in the train station.  We walked him to the church to hold the lesson, which was about the Restoration.  We had another lesson with him yesterday about baptism, and he committed to be baptized in December!  The Spirit was especially strong yesterday, and he is so humble and genuine!  I’m really excited for him, and he should be coming to our Thanksgiving activity tonight!

More to come,

Varstnicul Brown


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