Remembering the Reason for the Season

Hello everyone!

Well, the Thanksgiving activity went well.  The branch president was especially impressed by the vast array of food that was produced.  I still have to get pictures of the activity from other missionaries.  Even though I didn’t have time to make the apple pie until later (*cough*companionshippienight*cough*), and even though my companion and I were upstairs trying to get the turkey finished for the first hour of the activity, the simple formula of people + food = happiness never fails.  Actually a lot of people attended, and it was just really cool in general.

Now, concerning turkey…  Well, we probably should’ve given ourselves a few more hours; we may have had to fry most of the meat to make sure it was safe to eat…but we still did it!  My companion was really the one in charge of baking the turkey; I was too busy with making pie.  The pumpkin pie turned out great.  This experience still doesn’t have me convinced that it’s right to bake anything that isn’t mostly sugar.  So yeah, a little chaotic with missionaries trying to stuff as much as they could into ovens right before the activity, but it was successful.

Wishing everyone a good Christmas month!  I’ve been nagging my companion repeatedly with cries of “It’s Christmas!” since before even Thanksgiving, but now all of Iasi is gearing up for it!  Also, happy National Romania Day!

And speaking of Christmas, the Christmas video is out!  I’m inviting everyone to watch it and “remember the reason for the season”!

As always,

Varstnicul Brown


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