Settling in with a New Companion, Apartment, and Musical Neighbors?


This week was a little strange because of all the new things going on, but it also brought some funny surprises.  For the first half of the week I was in Zagreb.  It was interesting to be there for just picking up the new sister, but I also met some of the sisters in the mission that I normally wouldn’t have had the chance to meet.  They were all so nice; it was wonderful.  We had a small delay in Zagreb trying to get back to Slovenia, but in the end it all worked out.  Since I got my new companion on Wednesday, some wonderful things have happened.

We moved into a new apartment this week and yesterday we were trying to take a shower when we discovered that we didn’t have any hot water.  After waiting about an hour for hot water, we decided to just take a sink shower.  My companion gave me the full salon treatment, pulling a chair up to the kitchen sink and rinsing my hair.

The people who live below us like to blast Celine Dion at 9am.  This morning we started singing along and then the music stopped.  It was very funny, but I think they got the hint because after that they started playing what sounded like Abba but in Spanish, so we couldn’t sing along…it was hilarious.

We also spent time organizing and cleaning the apartment.  We never knew someone could own so much bedding, it was insane…we kept finding it everywhere.  It is now the running joke, “I don’t know Sister Brown, we might not have enough bedding for that”.  Needless to say, it is never a dull week on the mission.

Thanksgiving was great; although I never think I will get used to a home style Thanksgiving (my family has the tradition of going out to eat on Thanksgiving).  Also, the game “Life” will always probably bore me, haha!  But I love the member family that provided us with such a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.  I just kept looking for the ice cream machine.

This week I received the General Conference Ensign magazine my Mom sent…thanks Mom!  I was again impressed with how important it is that we love ourselves and love others.  Through these two things we are able to draw closer to God and give aid to those in need.  We need to remember to always think about how others are feeling instead of judging or criticizing them.  This week I hope we can all try harder to understand and love one another.

Sestra Brown

PS – I’m buying a small Christmas tree today, and I loved the package from you Mom!


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