District Leader’s Nightly Rounds

Hello everybody!

Transfer boards are out!  And…well, not much has changed here in Iasi.

This week was my companion’s birthday week!  Yep, I annoyed him all week about it, whether he liked it or not.  His birthday went especially well.  We had lost contact with our investigator and hadn’t heard from him all week.  He called us the morning of my companion’s birthday.  Also, another investigator who had been out of town for almost 2 weeks surprised us by calling and meeting with us the night before.  As he is super awesome, he gave each of us a good-sized chocolate bar for the next morning (Saint Nicholas Day).  I had something to put in my shoes in the morning!  A Christmas miracle!  Other than that, we got a bit lost looking for a member’s house that day (about the time it got dark in a relatively unexplored part of the city).  We had to taxi back because of an unexpected call from the Branch President (we had to set up a Skype meeting at the Church).  We also ran into a less-active member Saturday evening who said she wanted to come to a Christmas service-type activity.  Quite the birthday indeed!

This week has been a bit crazy because the other Elders lost their phone.  This has given my companion and me some serious nightly-walk bonding time, as I now need to go and check on them in person to see if they’re home and safe.

The Sister missionaries got us started on an English fast (speak no English!) beginning this past Fast & Testimony Sunday.  Their idea was for all of us to not speak English from Sunday until transfer day, but I think my companion is just going to keep it going and make it a normal part of life.

This Saturday marked the end of English classes for the transfer.  For the class’s spiritual thought we showed the Christmas video I referenced in my last entry.  It was a powerful and happy end to the course…that video is so amazing!

We also gained a new investigator this week.  He is the son of a family that comes to English class.  They’re just such a great, normal family.  It’s always nice to see solid family relationships.  I hope everyone can try to be a little closer to their family this holiday season.

All the best!

Varsnicul Brown


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