Five Minutes of Fame…Didn’t Even Know It!


This week was a blast!  We bought a Christmas tree and used the lights I got last year to decorate it.  We later discovered that this tree is for planting in the garden.  So we might just keep it instead of throwing it out.  We decided to name it Herman, Hermie for short, and no it is not a hermit (that reference has already been made).

This week we had some visa issues, so I couldn’t go to the mission leadership conference, instead they Skyped me in.  Little did I know instead of being on a small screen I was on a big flat one.  So when the mission president told me I could eat during the meeting, and I ate a tomato, everyone could see it (unbeknown to me).  When I called the mission office later that day, I got this response, “How was that tomato you were eating there Sister Brown?”  It was so funny!  Next time I would like to know I was having my five minutes of fame, thank you…haha!

We had the opportunity to go to a cultural event this week.  One of our English class students invited us to a rhythmic gymnastics competition and the mission president approved it.  It was great.  There were girls from all the European countries, even the second and eighth best in the Russian Federation.  It was really well done.  It was amazing to see them perform and compete, and it was great to build a better relationship with our English class student.

We were also able to add her as a new investigator.  She is amazing and she is interested in learning more.  It was wonderful to feel the spirit as we invited her to learn more.  We have a lesson with her tomorrow and it will be great.  We also taught one of our other investigators this week.  It was a good experience, and we really tried to listen to him and reflect what he was feeling so he knew that we understood.  It was physically exhausting to listen to the Spirit that well, but it was great.  I know that God was working through us because there was no way I would have been able to teach that well without the Spirit.  I know as we listen to others we can see how they are struggling, and how we can help.  Then we must act.

I love you all!  I hope this week you can listen to others more.  I know we will find blessings beyond belief.  Have a great week!

Sestra Brown



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