Christmas Time in Iasi

Hi everybody!

Saturday was the branch’s annual Christmas activity.  Although there wasn’t as much food variety as at Thanksgiving, the amount of food was more than sufficient.  The Branch President gave a few remarks on Christmas, the District did a small musical program of three songs (the middle one being sung by the whole congregation), we watched “El este Darul” #Heisthegift #Elestedarul, we had a ton of food (my companion’s first sarmale!), and there was some after-party Bingo (most people had left by then).  So yeah, I’d say it went well.

Today we’ll be leaving Iasi for Galati, and will be staying there until probably Wednesday night.  Tomorrow is Zone Training, and the day after is exchanges with the Zone Leaders.

The other Elders now have a phone again, ending my nightly walks to their apartment.  The walks were nice for companionship bonding, but it’s also nice not to have to spend an hour just to check on the other missionaries.

The District is still working on its Christmas gift-giving goal of handing out 36 copies of the Book of Mormon.  The Sisters even went through the trouble wrapping several copies in ribbon to make the gifts extra-special.  The street-board they’ve been working on is also really coming together.

We’re still doing a fair amount of teaching, and we now have a progressing investigator!  He is an English student doing 30-minute English, and then 30-minute Gospel, lessons with us.  He and his family (a brother and parents) came to our English class last transfer, and they’re all really cool!  His father even attended an English-movie activity we just had.  So, yeah, that will be fun moving forward.  I’m excited to have member-present lessons in the near future.

As far as baking (because you knew I was going to get on the subject), this was a week of poor planning.  I wanted to make some pumpkin cookies, but one of the pumpkin seeds was molded and I decided to just throw the whole thing out.  I made some chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies instead.

Last night I wanted to make brownies, but we were out of cocoa!  I should have realized it considering I had to make do with what little I had the last time I made brownies.  And thus, the cinnamon treat “Larry” was born.  (Yes, I was tired.)  Probably not the best idea, considering how much cinnamon got put in the air, but if you ever want to put 1/4 cup cinnamon în loc de cocoa, it does taste good (as of this morning, there’s none remaining).

Iasi’s city center is looking simply spectacular.  In fact, Iasi has really impressed me by its degree of public street Christmas decorations.  Christmas decorations can even be found hanging above highway overpasses.  Wishing everyone a happy mid-Christmas season!

Covrigi forever,

Varstnicul Brown


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