“No Judgment, Only Acceptance”


So I am hoping this week the letter will be a bit longer.  This week started off with a really crazy Tuesday.  It has finally decided to be winter in Slovenia.  I’m talking -1 degree.  I am cold.  I am thinking I am more and more of a Californian the longer I am here, and more like my mom.  My companion is always saying that it is not that cold.  I haven’t seen the sun in about two weeks.  It’s just been a lot of rain.  Anyway, on Tuesday we tried to search out some people, but they weren’t home.  I said “Hi” to the Julian Alps though, so my brother Julian should know they said, “Hi”.  We also had district meeting and English class.  English class went well and we taught a great spiritual thought on the creation.

My companion and I learned a good concept this week.  We say it at least 10 times a day when someone does something we don’t understand or we think is a little strange.  We say, “No judgment, only acceptance”, and then laugh it off.  This reminds us that we don’t know what that person is going through, and that only God can judge them.  Although it does kind of sound like something you would say at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

On Wednesday we had zone conference.  I had to prepare a 45 minute training segment about contacting.  I was really nervous and during the meeting we began running late, so my training was cut to only 25 minutes.  But I have to say the Lord helped me, and I was able to teach something that hopefully helped all the missionaries.

During the zone conference’s testimony meeting it was such a spiritual experience to see the missionaries bear testimony of the Atonement.  A lot of them bore testimony of things that I was learning at the beginning of my mission, and things I am learning now.  So that was amazing.  I feel like we are such a family out here on the mission.  That is one thing I am very grateful for.

At the end of the zone conference we had Sister Grant (the mission president’s wife) and the two Assistants to the President, along with Sister C (who was picking up her visa), race us to a lesson.  One of the Assistants, who is from Germany, was driving.  It was riot because I was being somewhat of a backseat driver, but we got there safely and only 5 minutes late.  It was such a blessing.  The lesson was wonderful.  I was really able to teach simply and listen to what she had to say.  We identified the opposition she had in her life, and re-committed her to read the Book of Mormon.

That experience got me thinking.  How many times do we have opposition, but we don’t take the time to realize why or where it is coming from?  I feel if we took time to identify it, then we would be able to understand the purpose of our trials better, and be able to endure and overcome them with more joy.  I know we experience everything for a reason, even if it’s just so we can understand someone  else better, or become better at not  judging our brothers and sisters because we know what they are going through.  This week I hope that we all take the time to look at things that are hard for us, and ask ourselves why.  I know that we will find the help we need to overcome them when we ask, “What can I learn from this?”

I hope that everyone is enjoying the Holidays, and that they remember that this time is really about Christ and celebrating the gift that He has given us in our lives.

Sestra Brown


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