“The Peace of God, Which Passeth All Understanding”


Only three more days until Christmas!  This week has been all about Christmas.  Christmas as a missionary is extra special.  This week we had an exchange with the Celje sisters.  It was fun to be working with Sister N in Celje.  Celje is such a cute town, the lights are all up and we had fun contacting and asking people about Christmas.  I think I need to come up with a better question than, “What do people here do for Christmas?” because I kept getting, “They celebrate it of course!”

After the exchange we had a mission Christmas conference in Zagreb.  It was wonderful!  I saw my whole MTC group again.  It was fun to see how much we have changed, and how we have not changed at all.  I met some people who I didn’t know before, and we watched a video about Christ’s birth.  Then the mission president got up.  He said he was originally going to talk about Christ as the King of kings, but now he wanted to talk about something else, namely peace.  It was just the talk that everyone needed.  He talked about how we can find peace in our lives every day and that it will be the greatest gift on this earth.  He promised us that we can find that peace “which passeth all understanding.”  I felt such peace as he talked, I knew it was true.  He taught us that peace is the one feeling that Satan cannot duplicate, so it is that much more valuable.  We also saw a video that I loved about Christmas called “He Is the Gift”.  It was so well done.  http://www.mormon.org/christmas

The greatest thing that happened this week was receiving a letter from my family after the Christmas conference in Zagreb.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  It just showed me how merciful God is.  The letter touched my heart and I shall remember the moment I read it forever…the Spirit was so strong, confirming the testimonies of my family.  Thank you for that!

The next day we went caroling in the city center.  I was nervous because one person contacts, while everyone else carols, so it can be a little intimidating.  But when it came my turn, I just went for it!  It turned out great.  The funniest part was when I contacted a couple with a camera and map and asked them if they needed help.  They said no, and that they were from Zagreb.  While I was talking with them, the man pointed his camera at me, about to take a picture, no joke, I was in mid-sentence and everything.  But then he probably saw I felt awkward, so he told his girlfriend to get in the picture with me.  So she hopped in and the next thing I know she has her arm around me and I am smiling and very confused.  Afterwards, I told them who we were, and that I was a missionary, and they ended-up leaving.  So I am probably on someone’s travel picture blog now.  Go figure?

I am excited for Christmas.  This year in particular Christmas has come to mean so much for me.  Someone gave a talk yesterday about Christmas and said that Christmas for them has become a point in time when they can really evaluate their life, and re-dedicate themselves to the Savior.  This is what Christmas has become for me, a time when I can think about what I have done to dedicate myself to being a disciple of Christ, and what I can do to better worship God every day of my life.  I have often reflected on how quietly the Savior came into the world.  He arrived almost unnoticed, unless you were looking for His birth.  I think it is similar today, unless we are looking for the Savior we won’t find Him.  Once we do find Him, we should all emulate His example of humble service.  This Christmas I hope we all take some time to evaluate where we are, and come to know Christ a little more and better become His servants.  I know that only this will truly bring peace to our hearts and to the world.

I love you all!  Merry Christmas!

Sestra Brown


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