Walking along the Foggy Danube with Jazz Filling the Air…Must be Heaven!

Hello Everyone,

This week’s highlight was the Christmas Zone Training, which was held in Galati.  In addition to the tie exchange and the annual Christmas slideshow, we were introduced to the POP (preparation, obedience, purpose) practice, now encouraged by the mission.  The idea is to explain a principle, use a scripture, ask a thought-provoking question, relate a personal experience/testimony, and then extend a commitment (in 2 minutes or less).  President Ivory promised that the linguistic ability of those who are struggling with the language, and all of our teaching ability, would increase five-fold if we practiced this three times a day (once in English and twice in Romanian).

After the conference, we walked by the Danube river, which sends a lot of fog into the city.  We overheard some Louis Armstrong style jazz playing as we walked with the other missionaries down the pier towards the Zone Leaders’ apartment.  My companion truly was in heaven.  He really needs to move to New Orleans or something.

The following day we stayed in Galati on an exchange with the Zone Leaders.  One of my Zone Leaders is again Elder L, so I was able to spend another day serving with him.  We helped most of the Galati district do hot chocolate contacting, with me and Elder L manning the sign advertising hot chocolate outside the church.

We went back to Iasi that night, barely catching our train (well, we had about 5 minutes to spare I guess).  The following night we went caroling with our district, which has been going very well in Iasi’s city center.  When we returned from caroling, we found that the power had gone out.  We had a member-present lesson with one of our investigators scheduled that night.  We still had the lesson, and the power did come back on later, but we were teaching by the light of tiny candles and flashlights at the start.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

(I’d write more, but I have another member-present lesson with the same investigator in a half-hour to get ready for.)

Varstnicul Brown


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