Lessons, District Dinner Appointments, and Snow!

Hello Everyone,

This week was pretty crazy.  Monday we had planned a member-present lesson with one of our investigators.  But another one of our investigators called us out of nowhere and asked if he could come and meet us at the Church shortly before our other planned lesson.  This investigator sometimes doesn’t show up for appointments, but we’ve had some great lessons with him, and he wants to be baptized.  So we set-up the meeting with him and called our other appointment, who it turned out had forgotten, so we moved him back an hour and ended up having two member-present lessons.  A lot of times our schedules don’t work out and everything falls through, but the last two transfers have been full of things just falling out of the sky.

As another example, last week my companion accidentally called an investigator on the phone with the same name as our current investigator, but it was actually a year-or-so-old investigator.  We met with him yesterday.  Also yesterday, we had a district dinner appointment at a branch sister’s home (when branch sisters here invite the missionaries over, they want to invite ALL the missionaries over, especially during Christmas; we ended up all going to three dinner appointments this week).  As we were coming back after the dinner appointment, my companion talked to two random young men who had literally stopped US and asked if we could meet.  What?  So yeah, it was a good week.

One of the branch sisters who had us over to dinner also invited two close friends who weren’t members of the Church to join the meal.  As a district, we were able to teach what was essentially a lesson on the Restoration, with heavy emphasis on the life and mission of the Savior.  As the lesson’s spiritual thought reading, we decided to use “The Living Christ”, a very concise document I hadn’t used before in my missionary work.  I invite all to take a look: https://www.lds.org/bc/content/shared/content/english/pdf/36035_000_25_livingchrist.pdf and to think about what they can do this week to strengthen their belief in, and knowledge of, the reality of Christ.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Varstnicul Brown

P.S.  While the Christmas weather was like spring, it’s started snowing during our lesson last night and it’s still going strong.  I got some good pictures of the snow we found this morning.  I love living here!



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